Earth’s Farmacy

God’s Green Farmacy is all around us, growing, providing necessary nutrients for our health. When organically grown, we receive what we need to maintain life!

Food, herbs, roots, sea plants, and many things growing in and around our world can all add to our health. These mini-articles are from my former blog, and I will be adding new ones. If there is something of interest, please research it more. This is a just a taste and highlights the benefits of many foods and herbs. When we think of the simple foods we eat, sometimes we have no idea all of the great healthy qualities they have.

When we eat a well-balanced diet, and change what we eat often, you get a real mix of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and vibrations which all enhance our life.

Crop of vegetables. Potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and other vegetables.

Enjoy your food. Eat with your mind on its taste, how flavors mix, smells, colors, and the loving energy that the hands that made it. Enjoy!

Be a part of the quality of Life through growing your own food, or participating in a community garden.

PLANTING SEEDS: A Song of Life by Empty Hands Music; Nimo Feat & Daniel Nahmod…. With the amazing soulful crafting of filmmaker Ellie Walton, Empty Hands Music, presents you another gift offering music video, “Planting Seeds”; a collaboration to create a song of joy, introspection and inspiration.

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Plant! Whether in pots on your porch or rows in the yard, lots in a field or with neighbors down the road, nothing tastes better than your locally grown food! Nutritionists say that when you eat organic homegrown food right away, just after harvesting, you receive the most nutrients and value!

Share what you grow well with your neighbors and start a new movement for whole communities to grow their foundational foods right in their yards! You grow tomatoes and I grow the basil…. as the song goes in my head!

Health Qualities of food, herbs ….

Aloe Vera ~ Artichokes ~ Cacao  ~ Calendula ~ Cauliflower  ~ ClovesGotu Kola ~ Guava ~ Kiwi Fruit ~ Lemon grass ~ Lemon Verbena ~ Oranges ~ Paprika Spice ~ Pears ~ Persimmons ~ Pistachio ~ Plantain ~ Red Cabbage ~ Star Anise ~ Strawberry ~ Tumeric ~ Walnuts ~ Watermelon ~ Winter Squash ~


Natural Mineral Sources…

Eat Your Minerals: Foods Rich in Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium

Eat Your Minerals: Foods Rich in Sodium, Phosphorus and Chloride

Eat Your Minerals: Foods Rich in Iron, Manganese and Zinc

Eat Your Minerals: Foods Rich in Copper, Selenium and Molybdenum