In Enigmatic Healing sessions, Caroleen grounds and moves healing Light that comes from her Melchizedek Ouri monad.

This unique Light is for soul integration, bypassing much of the work and struggle a person was heading for, and brings about core enrichment. As it is not possible to know what each person might receive due to their unique constitution, and soul journey; each person receives accordingly what is best for them.

Melchizedek Ouri Light is specific Light. It is our gift to humanity in our quest for returning to authenticity of our soul’s. This light is very powerful, beyond what earthians have experienced through other means. In accordance with the Divine Plan for Earth and Humanity, it is time to administer Melchizedek Ouri Light which provides fast clearing and which enhances the acceleration of every soul in which this Light touches.


Enigmatic Healing Sessions

Each session begins with assessments of the body, energy centers and fields of the client, then Enigmatic Healing treatment, followed by a quick reassessment.  Long distance or in person here in Austin, Texas.                                                      1 hour $75.00   (U.S.dollars)


Spiritual Consulting

Conversation on matters that concern the client in concert with both of our Higher Selves and our spiritual teams. In person email, or by phone.

1/2 hour $40.00, 1 hour $75.00

Mentoring is available, as are many classes in Energy Medicine and also Hawaiian Lomilomi, and others.

Contact Caroleen at: caroleen.thompson444 at or call 512 466-4341


On Being Melchizedek Ouri by Caroleen

Around 2002, I was given the information that I held DNA from Melchizedek.  I was told I carried actual DNA and that was a rarity, as so many other people are ‘overlighted” with Melchizedek.

What does that mean? This means I am Melchizedek Ouri embodied.

At the time I had barely heard of that, and so I looked around to find answers to what that meant. Each time I approached classes that were coming from the Order of Melchizedek I found I cound not go and my Higher Self told me I was not of that grouping. Time passed with the questions hanging in the air.

Reading many of the articles and postings from the Order of Melchezedek, I felt outside of it. yes it was great information, but it had little to do with who I was. There are bits in the bible about a man called Melchizedek and even that did not help me.

Over time I discovered that I was from a particular branch, to put it in to words, Melchizedek Ouri. Once I consciously connected I found home. There was absolutly no doubt.

Lisa Renee is from the branch Melchizedek Ur. If you have not been to her web site: then it might be an interresting to read. Lisa provides clear information on our ascension process. She provides an extensive study in our ‘presence’ on earth. She offers many services to assist people at this time.

Here is what she has written about the lineage.

Melchizedek Lineage

Can you speak about the Melchizedek lineage and where it originally sourced from?

In terms of my connection with the guardian races, the Melchizedek lineage is not sourced from this Universe, yet it is a Universal consciousness. The name is a sound tone harmonic that is a word that we say “Melchizedek” in this density, yet the tone and geometric pattern is something our linear 3D brain does not process.

There are families of the Melchizedeks’ and several layers of trees existing from within that lineage. One of them being, a type of “cosmic crisis management team” for the planetary systems that are experiencing genetic digression or possible annihilation. Many of these beings are ultra-terrestrial that exist in ascended state meaning they are not in a form, they are a light being, they can shapeshift, etc.

The Melchizedeks’ are the genetic lineage of the builders of the creative structures of holographic projections (The Architects) and know how to correct structural integrity issues in creational systems. When there is breakdown of a system i.e. a creation that is digressing instead of evolving since its integrity has been compromised, the Melchizedeks’ go into the Universal structure and attempt to heal and reweave genetic instruction sets into the holographic bodies of the celestial levels, merkabah field levels, at every level.

In this sense, they are creator gods that work with instructional fields of hologram and have been inter-dimensional and will incarnate into the form body in order to support or assist bringing particular code with it.

As an embodied Melchizedek, one brings the file instruction set into the planet from the Melchizedek lineage when it is appropriate to do so and the being has been trained enough to do so. This is so that the information can be relayed into planetary and creational field through the morphogenetic field, the consciousness instruction set program.

When Melchizedek intelligence is woven throughout the species field and key coded throughout the genetic programs, it allows the entire species to receive the genetic code of intelligence being directed throughout that consciousness layer. At this level of comprehension, Jesus the Christ is a Melchizedek.

Hebrews are a closer genetic relationship and through esoteric Judaism, the Kabbalah, brought through pieces of Melchizedek intelligence, through the knowledge of the Tree of Life. Due to patriarchal distortions brought through the hidden Negative Alien invasion, the tree of life was disfigured to ten spheres instead of the original mathematical base of twelve.

Melchizedeks returning to the earth field at the end of the cycle, are attempting to correct and rebuild the distorted Tree of Life back to its correct formula base 12. The Tree of Life is the base holographic instruction set to all manifestation, which is the Twelve Tree Grid.

Many of those in Guardian Christos consciousness (Oneness) are of the Melchizedek lines. However there are Fallen Melchizedeks seeking genetic rehabilitation during this ascension cycle also.

By Lisa Renee (Source: QA June 2008)

{Thank you Lisa!!! ~ ct}


After reading what Lisa had written, I was able to understand my own path and why other avenues were not working for me.

I learned how to say ‘Melchizedek Ouri” more as music and wow, it became powerful indeed.

It is my pleasure to share with the world, what Melchizedek Ouri wish to share in order to accelerate and enhance the progress we are making through these ascensions cycles.

The time has come for the liberation from the dominance and obstruction of personal sovereignty, and to provide health enhancements to overcome the lower forms of expressions. It is time for people to rise up in to their authentic soul essence and find their expressions and creativity.

As our world seems to be rushing ahead so very fast, and in so many directions, know that there are dramas needing to be played out. Use this time to observe, and yet to stay within your own core. Do something creative and playful to keep you open to your own soul essence. Let others do as they need to.

Take time to be quiet and not overstimulated. With so many energies of change being pulsed in our atmosphere, it is our nervious systems that get hit the hardest. Rest often and drink plenty of pure water.

If I may be of service, please contact me. Thank you and bless you!

~ Caroleen Thompson