About Carolyn Thompson



Carolyn Thompson was born in to this life nearly fully awake. Carolyn works in what some call ‘both worlds” of the seen and unseen.

Now for her family, it was a bit unnerving for she could see and know of things that just did not make sense to them. It became a test to keep her own authenticity and not fall blind by becoming “acceptable” through limited social patterns.

But growing up was far from easy. Her parents were intelligent but also suffered from their own childhoods which they reflected that on to their children. Their fears were great and even greater about Carolyn for she was so different. They did not understand her talking about angels or the aura colors she saw or predicted things in the near future.

Her mother was a psychology major and so anything like that was fantasy and insanity. Her father commander in the Navy was like a drill sargent and stern. I soon learned, the hard way, to keep my mouth shut in oder to survive. Childhood was the place Carolyn received much of her personal wounding.

Carolyn put her focus on art for it appeared to her an accepted way to express herself. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education, all level teacher certification, and went on in to Commercial Art due to the lack of teaching jobs when she graduated.

Having worked in a large variety of advertising industries, Carolyn eventually worked for Ogilvy & Mather Houston. She later created Thompson Arts Inc., to serve the booming west Houston real estate companies with a variety of commercial art services. It was during this time that she also began to focus and train her own metaphysical abilities through energy medicine and personal development.


Moving to Kauai, Carolyn worked on her own soul while expanding her knowledge of complimentary healing modalities; including Ortho-bionomy, Hawaiian Lomilomi (native Hawaiian medical massage, energy medicine, pule, ho’oponopono, and herbology), Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, and many forms of energy medicine. Carolyn studied many body-mind and counseling therapies to use in her practice.

It was in this far away land that Carolyn learned to heal her wounded soul. Far from controlling parents, and estranged siblings, her own healing path showed her so many techniques for healing from the spiritual levels on in to the body. She felt like she could finally breathe. The native Hawaiians respected the psychic nature and spiritual gifts, naturally, and their culture encapsulated much of the sacred knowledge of healing and the mystical world beyond what the eyes see.

In 1991, Ola Massage and Day Spa was born in Kapa’a. Carolyn worked on over 5000+ clients. The therapists at Ola Massage offered massage and energy medicine, spa treatments and education according to their skills. Carolyn taught massage and mentored students for state licensing and also held practice groups and mentored students for Healing Touch certification.


She earned Certification in Healing Touch, an organization which teaches Energy Medicine techniques in a standardize format, so nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, health practitioners and lay people can use in their practices and in hospitals.

Photo of Janet Mentgen, Anne Day and Carolyn

With other HT practitioners, Carolyn volunteered her services and worked on patients in two different hospitals in the Hawaii islands.

In the year  2000, Carolyn was invited to be a presenter in the Healing Touch International Annual Conference held on Kauai, where she choreographed a large workshop covering native Hawaiian Healing Arts in the Anahola Taro Patch.

As a public speaker, Carolyn has presented at conferences, local civic groups, Hospices organizations, Senior citizen groups, local health fairs, and others.


As an active member of the Ancient Anahola Cultural Exchange, she taught an Herbal First Aid class for children in the Anahola Taro Patch where they just used what could be found to address wounds a child might have in the wild.

The AACE provided free summer camps for many years, teaching the native Hawaiian culture and arts to keep the indigenous knowledge alive and provide children a creative summer of fun and learning.

She sold Ola Massage in 2001 and moved back to Texas to assist her parents in their elder years. Carolyn continues her work and has touched thousands of people having over 32+ years of practice in Energy Medicine and Spiritual Consulting.

Throughout her practice, her spiritual guides and master teachers have taught her many things during certain sessions with people. These teachings provided valuable knowledge of the human biology and Energetic workings that expanded upon all the basic knowledge given previous.

Many of these new discoveries about our human biology and Energy systems are being complied in to books as it will help humanity to understand more of our Being.


The artwork on the left is a painting of the Soul Essence of Carolyn Thompson called “Illuminated One”, by Jane “Starwalker” Wasson (June 2008)

Carolyn’s constitution holds DNA from her Melchizedek Ouri family, a different and rare branch within Melchizedek*.

At this time, Carolyn works with her Melchizedek Ouri Family to bestow Soul Integrations so that people can accelerate and unify various aspects which allow the useless and unhealthy to drop away naturally.

Soul Integration provides healing in many areas of a person’s constitution. What it provides for each person is an enigma.

“When you look in to the eyes of someone, you may never know their fullness, their diverse background even in this life much less in their multitudes of Beingness. Each of us are so much more than we imagine and it takes focus and practice to unfold what we hold within, our own unique blend of talents. I incarnated to perform this service of Soul Integration for this precious time of expanding souls” ~ Carolyn Thompson

Her web site of services is www.EnigmaticHealing.com

*as is often with limited information, most people think of the ‘Order of Melchizedek’ or ‘Lord Melchizedek’ as all there is to the name Melchizedek.

The group in which Carolyn is a part of is a very different branch of the larger Melchizedek. Carolyn is not part of the branch called the ‘ Order of Melchizedek, nor is there really a ‘Lord Melchizedek’. Many souls have incarnated during this time to work with the Order of Melchizedek. It is more in the human nature to think in a singularity, so a ‘Lord’ is what people will focus on rather then the group that Melchizedek is. In channeling or talking with this group, there are those who step forward to answer and converse and yet it is not just one entity but maybe a small cluster.


Melchizedek Lineage

Can you speak about the Melchizedek lineage and where it originally sourced from?

In terms of my connection with the guardian races, the Melchizedek lineage is not sourced from this Universe, yet it is a Universal consciousness.

The name is a sound tone harmonic that is a word that we say “Melchizedek” in this density, yet the tone and geometric pattern is something our linear 3D brain does not process.

There are families of the Melchizedeks’ and several layers of trees existing from within that lineage. One of them being, a type of “cosmic crisis management team” for the planetary systems that are experiencing genetic digression or possible annihilation. (the Melchizedek group she works with) Many of these beings are ultra-terrestrial that exist in ascended state meaning they are not in a form, they are a light being, they can shapeshift, etc.

The Melchizedeks’ are the genetic lineage of the builders of the creative structures of holographic projections (The Architects) and know how to correct structural integrity issues in creational systems.

When there is breakdown of a system i.e. a creation that is digressing instead of evolving since its integrity has been compromised, the Melchizedeks’ go into the Universal structure and attempt to heal and reweave genetic instruction sets into the holographic bodies of the celestial levels, merkabah field levels, at every level.

In this sense, they are creator gods that work with instructional fields of hologram and have been inter-dimensional and will incarnate into the form body in order to support or assist bringing particular code with it.

As an embodied Melchizedek, one brings the file instruction set into the planet from the Melchizedek lineage when it is appropriate to do so and the being has been trained enough to do so. This is so that the information can be relayed into planetary and creational field through the morphogenetic field, the consciousness instruction set program.

When Melchizedek intelligence is woven throughout the species field and key coded throughout the genetic programs, it allows the entire species to receive the genetic code of intelligence being directed throughout that consciousness layer. At this level of comprehension, Jesus the Christ is a Melchizedek.

Hebrews are a closer genetic relationship and through esoteric Judaism, the Kabbalah, brought through pieces of Melchizedek intelligence, through the knowledge of the Tree of Life. Due to patriarchal distortions brought through the hidden Negative Alien invasion, the tree of life was disfigured to ten spheres instead of the original mathematical base of twelve.

Melchizedeks returning to the earth field at the end of the cycle, are attempting to correct and rebuild the distorted Tree of Life back to its correct formula base 12. The Tree of Life is the base holographic instruction set to all manifestation, which is the Twelve Tree Grid.

Many of those in Guardian Christos consciousness (Oneness) are of the Melchizedek lines. However there are Fallen Melchizedeks seeking genetic rehabilitation during this ascension cycle also.

By Lisa Renee (Source: QA June 2008) http://energeticsynthesis.com/

My own path led me to each of these wonderful teachers by attending their workshops, lectures and trainings;  Elizabeth Stanley, Carl Weinberg, Randell Baer, Joanne Cusack, Nicole LaVoie, Georgina Reagan, Barbara Brennen, Richard Valasek, Kahuna Margaret Machado, Ann Day, Janet Mentgen, Levon Ohia, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Dane Kaohelani Silva, S. Haleakala Lew Len, Papa Henry Auwea, Caroline Myss,  and so many more.

The many more are the people who I have met throughout my life, each gifting me with words, and ideas that helped me, or even challenged me, in which I grew from.

Throughout the years I have also had the pleasure of reading so many wonderful books, each that added something to my path. I am grateful to all the authors for sharing their insights and life experiences so that I may grow! A few books were life changing! Books are like meeting so many different people who give up so much in order to help me flush out my stagnant pool of knowledge.

Add to that all the experiential workshops, offerings, and events I have had the pleasure to attend, life is rich and well-rounded in ways beyond my imagination. It is through these learning processes that my own inner knowledge also crept out and made me take note. It is the perfect orchestration when I look back, and yet during it all it appeared a bit chaotic. I continue to be open to learn and receive new knowledge as it shifts and accommodate the new days ahead.

Thank you!

I am very grateful to all my teachers on my journey! ~ ct



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