About Caroleen Thompson


Caroleen Thompson


“At our core, we find our authentic self. Over time we may experience things which moves our focus away from that pure essence and tilt our reality with flavors of life. It is not so much whether those experiences are good or bad, but our interpretation of what was. Layers form and directions change accordingly. When it is time to let go of layers, Enigmatic Healing will provide such a course.” ~ Caroleen Thompson

Caroleen Thompson is an adept Energy Medicine practitioner, Spiritual Consultant, Massage Therapist, Teacher, Writer, Artist and Harpist. With over 30 years of healing arts experience and having assisted thousands of people on their journeys, Caroleen presently brings a hybrid of Energy Medicine to her clients.

Her health educational background includes; Hawaiian Lomilomi (Native Hawaiian medicinal massage and energy medicine), Healing Touch certification, Ortho-bionomy, many forms of energy medicine and body work (over 6000 education hours in the healing arts; not including the on-the-job training she received from her spiritual teams)

She received a B.S. in Art Education certification (elementary and secondary) and has taught Lomilomi for Hawaii licensing,  mentored Healing Touch practitioners, provided presentations to the Lion’s Club, Hospice, Senior groups, and community health fairs, provided workshops in self-help topics, presented at the Healing Touch International Conference (2000) and the First International Bio-Physics Congress (1998).

As the field of knowledge in Energy Medicine expands, Caroleen has developed hybrid methods of working in energy medicine called Enigmatic Healing in respect for the very unique body & soul makeup of each client.

Working specifically toward the goals of the client, Caroleen intuitively knows how to address the session. Each session includes spiritual consulting, assessments of the body and energy centers and fields, Enigmatic Healing and what is specific to the client.

In her workshops and speaking engagements, Caroleen exudes joy and humor. With her ability to know people easily, she will cater to them, as best as she can. Understanding that every person is very unique that no two people are alike, even twins, Caroleen encourages grow in the directions of their soul’s longing.

Over the years, as awareness expanded, Caroleen discovered her oversoul group to be the Melchizedek Ouri, and member of the Brotherhood of Illumination. she works directly with the Arcturians, and many other off-world civilizations during this Earth ascension time period. She is clairsentient and telepathic, with a child-like love of people. Her passions include advocating for children and for pure water.




I am very grateful to all my teachers & healers, in all their forms, on my journey! ~ Caroleen Thompson






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