The Day of the Astral Body Kidnappers

During one hot muggy day in Anahola, my son was taking a nap laid out on a soft blanket the floor.  I rushed around, trying to do all my chores before he woke up. For it was very hard to get anything done when he was awake as he was just one and a half years old. Washing clothes, changing the sheets on beds, sweeping in between, cleaning the bathroom and picking up as I dashed to get things done.


The weather on Kauai was such that most locals’ homes were single walls with louvre windows. The small window panes can be angled to catch the winds, the Kona winds or others.

Today the air was still and pleasant with windows wide open with no air was moving.  My son was sleeping in the middle of the living room in just his diapers as the temperature was just right.

After about one and a half hours, I sat down in the living room and decided I did enough, other than complete the drying clothes. I sat there and went in to meditation, feet up and relaxing.

After about a 45 minute meditation, I came back and looked at my child. Why was he sleeping so long? It’s now been almost three hours. Should I wake him up? Then I entertained other thoughts of lists to do. My time was precious when my son was sleeping. A young child like him was full of wandering, curiosity and getting in to things. I wanted to be present for his explorations.

Still my son, slept. Nearing the three hour mark, he started to groan and make quiet noises, seemingly to struggle. I tried to wake him up, but he would not wake up. More grunks and moans made me really look at him carefully.

I watched and tuned in to his soul. His arms started to move a bit, but he did not open his eyes. I ‘went in to his being’ to see what was going on. I can do that type of shaman work, have for years.

What I saw freaked me out for I was watching three entities taking his astral body far away. It looked like they were taking him down a funnel. Two of the entities were pawns and the third was a familiar Kahuna I knew all too well. They were intending to take him and not return that aspect of him.

Those of you who are mothers, know what comes when your child is threatened, the Bear Mom comes forward! I was going to get him, his astral essence, at all costs.

But how? Entering the astral plane,  I reached and tried to get him but they were moving all too fast away from me. I tried all that I knew. Nothing was working.


I was now becoming scared, I felt unprepared, so I stopped to just tune in to what I could do. No good work comes out of being in fear. I centered to calm. In that moment of stillness, I understood ‘to use my breath’.

I started taking deep breaths and exhaling, with the inhale breath I started drawing his essence towards me. In the third deep inhale, my son’s astral body snapped towards me and instantly back inside my son who was in my physical arms.

He suddenly woke up and was nearly crying, terrorized. He looked at me with eyes I can remember to this day. He clung to me the rest of the day with his head sunk in to my chest. I too clung to him and my mind went wild with what had happened. I sang to him and read him a book working to take both our minds off of what just occured.

His emotions put me in to this very child-like mode of wonder, that I really knew nothing, even with the talents I could use, that there was so much more to our world than anyone thinks.

I cried and then got angry at the man who started this snatching. Then I let it all go. This man was someone I knew so very well and thought we were friends. But he is a bit crazy, insane to be exact, and lacking in any courtesy other than serving himself. He was doing this out of spite. He used to be my son’s fathers close friend, yet began running his old ha’ole (white) prejudice scripts as things did not turn out his way on other matters.

This crazy man told my son’s father once that his mother had figured out how to defeat his astral pranks and that was by using mirrors and he told me a while back.

So I place our entire home in a large bubble of golden light and placed on the outside of this bubble a mirror coating that faced outward. It acts like an invisibility cloak, but also confuses the seeker as all they see is their self. I placed within this intention/ thoughtform, that he could no longer access anyone in this home and could not come close to our home, physically.

I made this image strong as this was not the first time he had threatened me. He knew how powerful I was and so he certainly took me for that warrior energy to confront. I was now living in a home he once lived in and he wanted to dismantle it all. He was dead serious.

I will not tell you how our friendship got to this point, although perhaps in time, as it is a long story. But I do not suffer fools and I will defend my family in ways that will surprise anyone. I will play for a while but when fools get cocky, I end the game. It’s not ‘to win’, either, it is ‘to stop’.

Learning On the Job

This was something I had never encountered, something new, as life teaches us along the way and we’re given no real user manual for life so we all wing it.

I had worked with many clients performing soul retrievals, but never one in-progress like this. Oh my gosh, my own infant son!

Most soul retrievals are where someone puts their soul out of reach, to protect that aspect from harm as they had encountered some trauma, like rape, physical or emotional harm, or something very shocking.

When I do not know how to proceed, I tune in to my inner self, my higher self, for guidance. I had to listen in a centered way in that moment to find the right way to deal with it. This is how it is done and done right.


I had been studying with Aunty Margaret Machado, a Kahuna Haha, a diagnostician, and she had told me a few things about the breath, Ha. The breath is sacred and considered the life force in many ways.

She shared with me her breath through the native Hawaiian kiss, Honi,  that is performed by sharing air from the noses. Yet it can be more than just sharing a breath, it is a bonding that takes place. This was her blessing to me to do and teach her work that I was learning from her, and it is also a merging of soul essence.

When I needed her advise, I could access her now through this union. She lived on the Big Island of Hawaii and I was on Kauai. Many times while working on someone with the Hawaiian Lomilomi, the native Hawaiian medical massage and energy work, I would hear her tell me what I could do next. For in the work there are always more lessons.

Aunty Margaret had not formally taught me to use my breath in this way, one this day. She came to me in that tiny moment when I was quieting myself when I saw her and heard ‘breath’. It was in that instant that I now knew exactly what to do and started breathing with all my power.

Breath is the air going in and out of our lungs, but our understanding of air is limited. We tend to talk of its known ingredients and how it moves around. There is so much more to air than what our present day science teaches us. Air is filled with so much more, and part of the contents are “etheric energies”.  When you breath in, you receive so much more than just air.

In this day of the astral body kidnapping, I was breathing in to retrieve my son’s astral body. The inhale was pulling like a huge suction which was successful.

Little did I know that day, that my son was going to include me on many other adventures of this kind! But that day, all I felt in the end was my deep love for this tiny soul and I wanted to offer my best support to him always!

~ Carolyn Thompson

© 2016-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved



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