Don’t Quit Your Day Job Yet


The ole’ saying “don’t quit your day job” implies that you need to stay in your job while stepping out in the new fields. Having that stability will keep you fed and out of fear.

Some ventures need time to get started and moving towards abundance. Starting a business may take all your focus and yet until the cash flows back in to the coffers, one might do well by sticking to their old job for a bit longer. This is common sense and when things get moving, one can let go of their old job.

On Being Misled

In the field of spiritual development, people confuse that common sense by believing in things that are not there and free-falling in to poverty. It happens when an evolving soul is not discerning about the entities they channel and just blindly listen to them. I know many people, good-hearted people who fall in to this valley and complain about it. It is a testing ground. Just like the story of Jesus being tested in the desert, the devil promised material abundance but really had nothing to offer.

In evolving our soul up to a merger point with soul components, there is a danger of believing you are in a place of refinement yet still far from being able to distinguish the unseen worlds.

One such lady came to me to share her story; she suddenly was hearing entities who spoke very kindly. She was excited and felt ready for what came next. She was so evolved they told her.


They encouraged her to quit her job after all abundance was hers. She quit her job after much encouragement from this group who told her she would be performing psychic readings and be very successful. She would make more than double her old paycheck.

Months went by and she found herself homeless and no one was really calling for anything but freebies. She had to move in with family and get a job. She experienced a learning curve, really.

What was missing in her picture? The blind faith to those entities; she really had no clue who they are. She assumed that they were better than her, knew more and were of a higher evolution.

In all actuality, she just imagined who they were instead of putting them on the spot to state who they were. Demand they answer the question of… who they are and why are they here.

This is our divine right to know this. Never take orders from someone you do not know. We would not do this is seen life, so why do that to any unseen being? If they do not answer, send them packing, always.

Just as we might listen to the advice of our best friend, we then discern if we want to act accordingly or not. This is no different in the unseen world. Never assume anyone seen or unseen is better, or smarter than you until they prove it enough, and then never give your power to them; your power is yours, you choices your actions, your essence. It is all your choice to follow or not anyone’s’ advice. It is our authenticity that steps in and guides us from within.

“But they are angels”, she said.

Are they? Did they prove it? Do you have enough experience of their energy signatures to really know this within?

“No” she told me. “What am I to do she asked?”

Go back to your day job and work. Take time to develop and learn more of the unseen worlds through direct experiences. This is the only way you can know if some unseen entity is trying to trick you or led you to goodness. Never blindly give in.

Unkind Jokers

There are a load of “joker” spirits, as I love to call them, who can pretend to be Jesus, or some ascended master, even God. They learn how to use nice words, and a semi-philosophical rhetoric to hook a person in to their game.

Most games are destructive. Most games are to descend a human through misleading guidance. Most games are just mean.  These jokers can be viewed as a “test” of your own authenticity.

Perhaps we draw them to us to hone our skills. Perhaps we created them so that this polarity leads us to choices, will we support our own humanity or will we buy into fantasy and do things that becomes destructive to our own well-being. So question everything …is this really god for me?

The Mind Field

Humanity is evolving through this time period in a beneficial way, as it has components that enhance our ability to move past what our mind holds.

Now from my own point of view and my intentions when using these words, our “brain” is only a switching station which process thoughts that come from mind. Mind is an energy field that is in and around us and connected to the larger Mind.


Our brain codes and decodes in an incredibly fast rate all the meaningful thoughts down in to the body in order to walk and live. We do not need our brain to think. We need our brain to live. We need it to assist in our life in a human body.

Our brain is key in delivering, or stepping down energy information. Researchers see this when they locate where the brain lights up in the brain when a person “thinks” about something or is stimulated by something.

Spark, flash, zap, are all parts of the switching the information in to usable form. The brain connects and disconnects automatically.

So when I use the word “mind”, it use that word for the source of our thoughts. Our brain lives within the energy field of mind and thus a very tight relationship.

Mind, our mind or someone else can think thoughts that not theirs. This is when one is idle and their mind is open, and energy flows through. This is our oneness that we hardly recognize. It is not telepathy, per se, but a light connection we all share. Telepathy is a deliberate sending of thoughts to a particular person.

Faker spirits stream in to our mind energy field to direct their thoughts to us and our brain translates these in to usable forms and our brain is sometimes bias. For our brain gets “wired” by experiences in our life. Some people fear one thing while others do not. This is due to experiences and the codes we set within our cells over time.

Faker spirits may find our weak points and exploit them in order to get our compliance. Say a person has low self-esteem, a symptom of our not-so-loving world. A Faker or group of Fakers will then build a person up through compliments and nicey-nice.

Then there will be a point where they will let you know that they know better. They will do this or that FOR you. They know more*. (*key is recognizing Fakers) {implying they are better} For someone of low self-esteem, it is easy for them to cave in and want to trust some nice sounding entity. But this is where you must pay attention. You must sense is this right for me or feels like something is off.

It is not wrong to following a downward spiral through following the wrong advise, it might just be what someone needs to own up to their own self and love themselves enough not to cave in to others. Yet is can be painful and a shock to anyone. No one likes to be fooled.

Worst yet is to think others might think you are crazy and stupid by doing so. Trust that they made wrong choices as well, that there is just an onward walk through life. Just know that it is another lesson and that you can change anything right away. Judging yourself will only spiral you down to where it is just harder to get up.

Now there are many more benevolent Entities that can guide us and advise us, and yet their tone is very different. They never act like they are in charge. They respect that you are. They sound kind. They will feel very loving. They want you to develop YOU. They want you to be self sufficient. They respect you and where you are in your walk.

Personality Discernment

We walk in a convoluted world full of all types of people, we know this just by being here. Now this is the same in the unseen world. If you cannot figure out who is talking to you, tell them to “go away now.”  If you suspect they are fakers, tell them to go away now.  Do not bother with ugly people or entities, it is a waste of precious time.

We have the sovereign right to our autonomy! We each are to self-determine our own life and make choices that benefit our own being.

Forget about being selfish, as judging yourself like that can be a deterrent to making choices that help you be happy and whole. We are not here to be stepped on or used by people. We are not here to be slaves to anyone. We are to think for ourselves and make choices for ourselves. Self-love is taking care of all aspect of yourself. True selfishness really looks like greed, disrespecting the needs of others, and to think you are better than others.

Our real evolution is to own self-responsibility. Right now people are all clambering for someone to take care of them, like babies in a crib, feed me. This old format of thinking has been around us for centuries, from being slaves, serfs, and the working class.

Yet when disaster strikes an area and takes away the structures of support and leaves people with nothing, you will see people just start creating things to establish a good life. They might start businesses, or help groups of people, or plant gardens, or build things that are the basis of healthy living.

We are hard-wired to move toward healthy living. It is in times of disasters that this comes to the surface.

These days life, especially in cities, are filled with distractions and glamor that take us away from our basic inner well-being. When people get too comfortable or just scared to change a status quo, then they just do not act in the best of ways for their self and others.

When people suffer, they will give in to tyrannical people. When people are in fear, they will let others lead them and not is the best of ways.

When people are happy, they want to be part of the process and co-lead according to their own convictions.  When people have their needs met and by their own responsibility they feel great, vital and want to pass that around.

False Rumors

The worst part of the ‘new age religious’ path are the false rumors that we must give in to those of higher knowing. This is never the truth.

The fakers have created so many rumors about what it is to be a spiritual person. They cut in to the real wisdom, chop a piece or pieces out of it, and send it around again in the rumor mills (think social media) so that wisdom gets distorted or abused.

So many people give lip service to false wisdom just to be popular. They do not digest or sense the real tones behind it nor the logical sequences of such false rumors. It is just a detour, unnecessary distractions to really living as a kind human being. Develop your mind constantly.


Respect is a key. If anyone is not respecting you, know they are not someone to listen to, seen or unseen. Now, do not pass that disrespect back, just be kind.

So you are growing, everyone is growing. Do not let anyone step on you. Walk away, leave.

Abusive husband/wife is only abusive if you stay. If you leave, you can choose to not be abused.

The same goes with joker spirits who tell you to leave your job before there is anything to support your life. Leave them behind.

Humans, you need to feed yourself, cloth and bath yourselves, and to have the basic needs met. So honor your sovereignty and respect yourself by not letting anyone take you down the wrong path. Make choices that support your life. This is spiritual life.


Our world’s people are trying so hard to step up and out of the ‘history” of humanity being under the rule of anyone.

People are feeling more independent and are finding ways to express themselves. This is our true evolution. Some might call it ascension, which is an appropriate word for stepping out of a deep hole. Some call it evolution based on the premise that it could be better as the old forms drop away that do not work.

For me it is just life, and the choices we make are to be experienced. If you do not like the choice, choose differently.

Be creative, be expressive, and be kind to others as this is not an easy process. Respect one another. That does not mean you must agree, but it means that you cannot put others down, degrade them for their choices. No one knows the full extent of anyone’s experiences and the drama they are in, so stay out of the judgement of them. Gossip kills.

Kindness helps everyone.

~ Carolyn Thompson

© 2013-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved

* * * *

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