Aka Cords; Life Streaming Everywhere

Aka Cords are the thin vital force threads of energy we send out of our body as we think about anything or anybody.

I wish to expand how they work so to continue to build a foundation of how we can understand and use our own energy efficiently and how to sort out what we do and do not want when it comes to other energies interacting with us.

As we” begin to think”, aka cords are already created in a nano-second. 

If we think about Joe’s coffee shop, the aka cords will go to Joe’s coffee shop and be there before we even step toward it. If we think of Joe and his amazing smile, the aka cord is now touching Joe, or even entering his body!

This is the connection we feel from others when they are thinking about us, if we are perceptive enough. This is also how we know when someone is going to call us on the phone moments before it rings. Our connections make it easy.

Our energy always proceeds us!


When we are with our lover, we anchor aka cords in to the sacral energy center and depending upon how we relate to this person we will anchor in to more or all of their energy centers. This is just what we naturally do and we do not think about it; it is how our personal energy works.

When we break up from the lover, we will still feel him/her when they have thoughts about us and it is through the aka cords. We may have walked away but the energy streamers are still in place until we move them out.

These connections deepen our connections to others in very real ways.

Sensa Norma told me that when a person is in a marriage or committed relationship and that person decide to have sex with someone outside that relationship boundary, the whole family knows this deception immediate and is crying inside for this breach.  It is through the aka cords that we have with all of our family that this energy information is distributed. They know instantly, although it may not be consciously. The feel something is off.

If you have many sexual partners, you will find all their aka cords still anchored in your sacral energy center from the many connections.

This is a communication pathway; you may dream or think about them when they think of you. It does not help a person to be connected to former relations, if it is not someone you wish to keep close. It will also make your significant other feel uncomfortable as they do not know what it is, but might feel this ‘energetic presence’ that makes them feel uneasy. They may think you are having an affair when you are not.

Working consciously with aka cords will help you. Learn about the major chakras, energy center that are working through our body. Most of the time aka cords are placed through these portals in the front and back of our physical body, and other times just in the energy fields.

When we suspect or know about having these vital energy thread conections and we no longer wish to have them, just push them out and away, intending them to return to their owner. Visualize them being pushed out, with energy, your breath, or any creative thoughts that help it feel real to you. Check again for the connection and repeat only if you need to. Watch your thoughts and try not to reconnect through thinking about those who you do not wish to be ‘attached’ to.

As you become aware of the energy bodies and energy centers that move through us, you can begin to manage your own energy and how it can work.

Our energy fields and centers are always in motion. Our mind and actions always in motion so it is easy to have cords come and go. When you think too often of someone that you do not wish to think about, that bothers you, then it is time to push them out. Even if you do not know where, you can just intend a total body clearing of cords from a specific person and push them out. You can also refuse to have such threads connect again, but the trick is, that you will place cords when you start thinking of them for a short time.

Aka cords can drain energy and often do as we learn as a child to ‘drink’ in from our elders. Having aka cords with our children can also be of great help to us, as we know when they need us or are in trouble.

Aka cords are neutral energy that someone has placed some intent in to it changing it to that flavor. So watch your relations and be kind. Kindness and love are the best intentions.

~ Carolyn Thompson

“Aka” is a Hawaiian word for vital force.

© 2015-2025 Carolyn Thompson; All rights reserved


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